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Ucla Alumni Travel

UCLA Alumni Travel

UCLA alumni association members enjoy many benefits through university-sponsored travel. UCLA works with professional travel companies to organize trips that range from Antarctica visits and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade attendance, to Mediterranean cruises stopping by Venice, Ephesus and Rome – providing an opportunity to relive college memories while making new ones.

Tiered membership structures in the association offer increasingly valuable benefits at higher levels. Alumni can upgrade from blue membership to gold membership for additional benefits like receiving an annual gift of $1,000 USD as well as on-campus parking access and VIP treatment.

People who join this program can take advantage of discounted domestic and international flights, car rentals, hotel rooms, as well as exclusive airfare offers not available to the general public through partnership arrangements with airlines. In addition to access to discounted airline ticketing portals and discounted airfare offers, members also gain access to travel insurance options for extra protection and peace of mind.

Trip packages are one of the alumni association’s most beloved programs, drawing in many alumni each year. Formerly, UW Travel offered international adventures like China and Australia visits; now however, more domestic excursions have been added.

Since its founding, UC’s alumni group has played a crucial role in its history. It was instrumental in pushing against Berkeley-centric education establishment and eventually persuading state lawmakers to authorize a Southern branch of UC in 1919. Furthermore, alumni groups played an invaluable role in world-changing research such as discovering AIDS; as well as helping cultivate celebrity alumni such as Mayim Bialik, Carol Burnett, and Gabrielle Union among many others.

Another popular alumni event is Bruin Woods summer camp, which unfortunately was cancelled this year after reports of hazing were made public. This camp brought together approximately 50 UCLA students as counselors during its existence; supervision was provided by UCLA’s Department of Housing and Hospitality.

While UCLA Alumni Travel offers many exciting vacation possibilities, students should keep in mind that travel outside of the United States requires permission from International Studies Services and updates in SEVIS every quarter. Failure to update SEVIS could result in the loss of F-1 student status. To protect themselves against this possibility, students should always consult with ISS prior to leaving the country – the office can assist them in staying compliant with F-1 status as long as their rules are followed. ISS will notify students when their quarterly enrollment needs to be changed and ensure the necessary forms and updates are submitted to SEVIS. They also contact students if they require travel abroad for either work or study purposes.