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Fortuna Kitgun

Fortuna Kitgun Guide

The Fortuna expansion of Warframe introduced the Kitgun, a modular weapon that can be assembled by players from various parts. The Kitgun is made of three basic components: the chamber, the grip, and the loader. Each of these components has a unique effect on the gun’s firing rate and damage profile. Depending on the type of loader, you can customize the weapon for a wide variety of effects.

This saber weapon is one of the best weapons in the game for crowd control and killing bosses. It has a very high critical chance and a high fire rate. While it doesn’t deal a huge amount of damage, it’s still very satisfying to score a headshot.

The primary Kitgun parts can be purchased at the Rude Zude shop in Fortuna. To access the store’s inventory, open the Rude Zude menu and click on the Rude Zude icon. From there, you’ll see a variety of weapon parts and grips.

The primary Catchmoon is a crowd clearing weapon with shotgun mods. This means that the kitgun does less damage-per-shot than other weapons. However, it does offer the same amount of Mag Capacity and uses smaller projectiles. It can also be used with Hunter Munitions.