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Call of Duty Warzone Map – Fortune’s Keep

The latest Call of Duty game has released a new map, called Fortune’s Keep. The map is similar to Rebirth Island, but it has a new look and is a lot more exciting to play. The map features fast gameplay, varied ways to travel, and beautiful visuals. While it’s unlikely to entice new Warzone players, it will likely keep returning players interested.

The area is named after a grand medieval landmark. Players will likely want to spend time in the castle, which has a massive banquet hall and ramparts. It also includes several hallways, watchtowers, and a central courtyard. Players should also try the Serpentine perk, which decreases the amount of incoming damage to a player.

The new map is said to have a lot of loot. The game also has two new events you can participate in. The Black Market Supply Run Contract is an unusual event, which mixes Supply Drop and Supply Run. When a team activates this contract, they will have access to a black-and-gold buy station that can be used to exchange items.

The Fortune’s Keep map is slightly larger than Rebirth Island. Despite being slightly larger, it’s still not large enough to replace Rebirth Island. Although the new map is the focus of Season 4, the upcoming updates to the game will feature both Rebirth Island and the new Fortune’s Keep. The update is expected to be out for several months and is expected to be rolled out in a daily rotation.