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Counters To Miss Fortune

How to Counter Miss Fortune in WoW

If you want to know how to counter Miss Fortune, you should first understand how she plays in game. She can be countered by targeting her E ability, which slows most champions. This is done by using harassment. If you don’t want to use harassment, you should try to avoid extended trading with her.

Miss Fortune is a strong champion that can snowball into the late game. Therefore, countering her with a champion that has the opposite skill set can be useful. A champion that can effectively counter her is Ivern, Swain, and Dr. Mundo. These champions can help you counter Miss Fortune and win the lane.

While Miss Fortune can deal massive damage, she is extremely vulnerable to damage. However, she can heal her health and can also cast overheal shields that block relevant damage. One of the best items to use against Miss Fortune is Doran’s Blade, which provides 55 attack damage and a 20 percent chance of critical strike. This item is a popular choice for starting AD carry champions.

Miss Fortune is a powerful lane bully, especially with her Q and Ultimate. Her Q can slow gankers. Her ultimate can also hinder other laners. However, her main weaknesses are her lack of Q damage, her inability to peel, her weak armor, and her inability to block the ult.