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Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Used

Which Travel Crib Should You Use?

Traveling with a baby or toddler can be challenging. Whether you’re going on business or pleasure, packing the right gear makes all the difference in having an easy, stress-free journey.

One of the most essential items parents should have when traveling with a baby is a travel crib. Not only do these provide safe, comfortable places for babies to sleep, but they’re also great at home as a playpen. Depending on your needs and preferences, you may want to look for one that folds up easily or can be packed and carried on an airplane.

The ideal travel crib should be secure, lightweight, packable and washable, easy to use and long-term resilient. It should be an essential item on every parent’s registry for travels with baby or as a part of any parent’s baby registry.

Travel crib brands come in a wide variety of styles and price points. If you’re searching for the highest quality option, some of our top picks include:


BabyBjorn’s cradle is a popular option among parents who need an all-in-one baby bed solution that’s simple to set up and clean. It boasts high quality mesh material that’s machine washable as well as attractive wooden legs for added appeal.

Co-sleeping with two babies is now easier with this small and versatile crib, as it’s small enough for two babies and suitable for various sleeping positions. When not in use, simply roll up and store in a bag for easy transportation; alternatively, you could even place it atop a mattress in your room for added comfort.

The babybjorn cradle is designed with safety in mind and can be adjusted to accommodate your child’s specific sleeping position. It features a sturdy frame painted white, as well as soft yet supportive foam inside.

The cradle also comes with a set of rocking cushions to help lull your baby to sleep or rock them while reading a book. It can also be used with an infant sling, making it perfect for moms who require more privacy during nighttime feeds.

This travel crib has no loose parts, making it perfect for busy moms and dads who are always on the go. Plus, it’s easy to store and transport; unfolding from its compact storage bag takes only seconds.

Sleep is a baby or toddler’s most valuable resource! Without enough shut-eye, they become tired, cranky and moody. A quality travel crib is essential to ensure your family has an unfailingly stress-free vacation.

BabyBjorn’s travel crib is a top choice among parents due to its ease of assembly, minimal space requirements in hotels and versatility – you can use it as either a crib or playpen while away on vacation! Plus, with its included carry bag, it folds up for convenient packing into the included carry case.