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Fortune Cookie Clifton Park

Fortune Cookie Clifton Park

If you are looking for a delicious Chinese restaurant in the Clifton Park area, you should consider Fortune Cookie. Founded in 1999, this place serves authentic Chinese dishes and is easily accessible from many areas of the city. It is located close to County Road 92, and Lapp Rd. You can find it at 1536 Crescent Rd, Ste 4. This restaurant is a great choice for quick lunches or dinners. It is also open for takeout and delivery.

Every year, there are more than 3 billion fortune cookies. Almost half of these are consumed in the United States. Wonton Food, Inc., a company that makes more than 4.5 million cookies per day, is one of the largest. Baily International, Peking Noodle and Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory are other large companies. There are also many smaller companies that make custom fortune cookies.