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Retirement Research Foundation

Retirement Research Foundation

Whether you are an individual looking for a career, or you are a business owner who is looking for a new job, the Retirement Research Foundation can help. The organization offers funding programs, grants, and grants for employees to help pay for education and training.


Founded in 1950, the Retirement Research Foundation is one of the first private foundations to focus exclusively on aging issues. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for older adults in vulnerable situations. The Foundation offers research and program funding for innovative solutions to aging-related problems.

The Foundation awards grants to programs that improve the well-being of older adults, improve retirement readiness, and enhance the quality of life for caregivers. In addition to research, the Foundation supports programs and training to help older Americans make the most of their later years.

The Foundation has awarded over $200 million in grants since 1978. This includes grants that are local, regional, national, or topical in nature. The Foundation’s website provides information on programs and grants available to nonprofit organizations.

The Senior Caregiver Outreach Program provides advocacy and resources to support low-income Illinois retirees and informal caregivers. This program is based in Chicago’s Bronzeville community. The program will expand its support services for Latinx caregivers.

Funding programs

Among the many gizmos and gadgets in the world of retirement research, the Retirement Research Foundation (RRF) is one of the first private foundations to devote itself to aging issues. The foundation supports programs and research that enhance the quality of life for older adults.

The Foundation is particularly active in the Midwest, with almost half of its grants going to programs in that region. Among other programs, the Foundation supports organizations that provide advocacy services to older adults, support professional education/training, and conduct research. In addition, the Foundation supports organizations that provide information on aging and retirement issues to the public.

The foundation’s website offers an overview of the organization’s programs and initiatives. It also features information on funding and grants available to nonprofit organizations and individuals. The website also includes a list of age-related resources.

The Retirement Research Foundation for Aging is now accepting research grant applications. Its research is aimed at identifying practices and policies that can be applied across the country to improve the quality of life for older adults. Its research is also intended to inform public policy. Specifically, the foundation is interested in the best way to ensure that health coverage is available to older adults, no matter their immigration status. It also supports organizations that develop programs that improve the relationship between older adults and the people who provide care.

Employee status

Depending on your specific employee status, you may be eligible to participate in either of the following health plans: individual, family, or dependent care. Employees may also choose to participate in the Research Foundation’s Supplemental Retirement Annuity (SRA) program. This plan allows employees to contribute to their SRA account through pre-tax payroll deductions.

Research Foundation employees who are eligible for individual health insurance must fill out a Health Benefits Program Form to enroll in the plan. These plans include medical coverage, prescription drug coverage, and hospital coverage. Employees are also eligible for the Research Foundation’s dental plan, which is available to full-time employees.

Other statutory benefits include social security, workers’ compensation, and unemployment insurance. The Research Foundation also offers employee-only vision insurance.

Employees may also be eligible for the Research Foundation’s Defined Contribution Retirement Plan. This plan is a defined contribution plan that is designed to meet the requirements of Section 401 (a) of the Internal Revenue Code. In order to participate, employees must be employed by an eligible employer and have worked at least a year.

180-day restriction

Unless a member elects to transfer to an alternate retirement program, all funding to the retirement research foundation shall be in accordance with the provisions of Subsections (a) and (b) of this section. A member who leaves employment must pay the balance in full within 90 days after leaving, unless the Retirement Commission determines a longer period is appropriate. If the balance is paid, the member will receive a refund of any installments paid prior to the transfer. The interest on the installments will not be recalculated.

The Retirement Commission may delegate its responsibilities to other individuals. The commission may also allocate various administrative duties, as necessary. The commission shall meet at least monthly. The commission shall report to the Governor as provided in section 4-60. In addition, the commission may hold hearings, as necessary. Those hearings are governed by commission rules. The commission’s recommendations are subject to review by the General Assembly. The commission may adopt revised factors to calculate the amount of current service cost for tier II members. This revised factor may result in a smaller benefit to the member.