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How Did The Judge Find Out About The Rotten Milk

How Did the Judge Find Out About the Rotten Milk?

How did the judge know that the milk was rotten? It’s not like he could have smelt the smell but he was able to find it. This is a big question we are still trying to answer. We are fortunate to have some wonderful worksheets that can help us with this topic. These worksheets are available for free at the link below. These worksheets can be used to help you learn more on the topic “How did the judge discover about the rotten dairy milk?”


This case is an example of a “rotten milk” verdict. If milk is not kept cool, bacteria and other microorganisms thrive. It is also a great source of protein, fat, and various vitamins and minerals. Even when refrigerated, not all milk can be kept cold. So how did the judge find out that the milk was rotten? The judge ruled that the milk was not thrown out but had been rotten. The plaintiffs couldn’t prove their case so the jury could only conclude that the defendant was to blame.

King Solomon’s mother filed a similar case against him, and it is probable that his father served rotten food to a guest. While King Solomon lost his case, his mother ultimately won the case. The judge ruled that the defendant’s milk was contaminated, but did not find him liable for it. The defendant was awarded a substantial settlement. The rotten milk in the case was never served to the public.

The judge ruled that defendant was negligent in not properly disposing of the rotten dairy products. If the judge finds that the defendant was guilty, the plaintiff can seek damages. This could lead to imprisonment. If the defendant is convicted, the jury must determine whether the plaintiff was at fault. If the judge rules in favor of the plaintiff, the verdict can also result in a prison sentence for the defendant.

How did the judge find out about rotten milk?

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