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Traveler Electric Guitar

Traveler Electric Guitars

Traveler guitars are ideal for guitarists who want to take their favorite songs on-the-go. Generally smaller and lighter than full-sized guitars, these instruments can easily be transported in an airplane. Furthermore, these instruments boast several unique features that make them ideal for traveling musicians.

In 1992, Leon Cox invented and built the original Traveler Electric in his garage in Redlands, California. Utilizing a stethoscope’s diaphragm as a battery-free listening experience, this innovative product quickly gained traction as one of the top travel guitar options on the market.

Since then, Traveler has designed a line of guitars to offer convenient solutions for on-the-go players. These travel guitars come in various shapes and sizes – acoustic, electric and bass models included – so there’s something perfect for everyone!

These travel guitars boast an impressive feature: they fold down to a compact size when not in use, making them easy to pack into your carry-on bag for your next journey. Furthermore, these models come with a detachable leg rest which helps elevate the guitar when sitting down.

For comfort, having a neck that is comfortable to play is ideal. The Anygig travel guitar fits this bill perfectly, boasting an ergonomic neck designed specifically for ease of play.

This guitar features a maple neck with 24 fret scale length and classic jumbo fretboard shape, familiar to most players. Additionally, it’s equipped with an ergonomic neck joint which has been reduced in the area where your hand touches the palm for added comfort. Furthermore, there are master volume and tone controls located on the side of the instrument for easy playability.

The Hofner Shorty is the ideal travel guitar for those seeking a smaller instrument with the look and feel of a larger instrument. Crafted out of basswood, its body comes in various colors such as caddilac green, shiney blue, gold, red, white and black.

For a travel guitar with the look and feel of a large instrument, try the Asmuse Travel Headless Electric Guitar. It features a locking nut to secure strings in place and prevent tuning slippage. Plus, it comes equipped with an 8-hour headphone amplifier as well as an 8-volt battery pack for extended playtime.

This humbucker pickup is perfect for rock, metal and many other music genres. Additionally, it features a Tune-O-Matic bridge to help maintain tuning accuracy.

At its price point, this guitar is an excellent travel option and falls within the budget range. Additionally, it’s significantly lighter than other options in its category, making it easier to transport and store in your suitcase.

The Pro-Series Acoustic Electric is a hybrid acoustic and electric guitar designed with traveling musicians in mind. Its slim basswood body makes it easy to fit in an airline overhead compartment, at 24% shorter length and 29% lighter than comparable full-sized electrics.