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Fisher Price Little People Take Turns Skyway

Fisher Price Little People Take Turns Skyway Review

The Fisher Price Little People Take Turns Skyway is a three foot tall car playset that’s worth a closer look. With three different tracks and three cars, there’s something for everybody. There’s even a small launching ramp to make the occasion all the more memorable. You’ll also be happy to know there’s an onboard battery pack, making for an easy setup and teardown. For a hefty price tag, you get a lot of bang for your buck. This is the type of playset you’ll likely use for years to come. It’s the ideal gift for the kids in your life, whose imaginations are limitless. A good way to test the waters is to let them play for a little while. They’ll be rewarded with a ton of fun and perhaps a few lessons learned in the process.

As is the case with most playsets, you’ll need to be patient in order to reap the benefits. But that’s just the nature of being the parent of young ones. To keep the peace and the sanity, consider a few tricks up your sleeve.