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Nomadic Research

BRCC x Nomadic Research Hip-Chest Pack Review

Nomadic Research is an American company that creates custom specialty products for elite U.S. military and government units. Their products are designed to improve combat lethality and efficiency. The company offers its clients advanced plans and free team creation. They also provide the best customer service in the industry. Nomadic Research provides customized solutions for the most demanding and difficult challenges.

BRCC x Nomadic Research Hip-Chest Pack (HD)

The BRCC x Nomadic Research hip-chest pack is a versatile pack that can be worn on the waist or slung over the shoulder. Made of 500D Cordura nylon with water-resistant polyurethane, it has three compartments to store your gear. It also has a 50mm elastic Velcro securing strap to keep it securely on your chest.

The BRCC x Nomadic Research hip-chest pack includes a chest strap that can be adjusted for a perfect fit. The straps are padded to support your chest and provide a supportive fit. It also features a breathable mesh lining and is lightweight enough to be worn in hot weather.


In this study, we used the nomadic way of life as a research method. We tracked our informants over many years, establishing detailed individual trajectories to investigate the gap between an imagined digital nomad world and the reality of everyday practice. We found that despite the nomadic lifestyle, the research informants were able to kick-start their work routines after a day or two in a new location.

Digital nomads are also a key subset of nomadic research. Unlike conventional nomads, these digital nomads are constantly moving and often adopting new locations. As a result, this way of living is reflexive and adaptive. In the future, digital nomads may choose to shift their locations to meet the changing demands of their jobs.

Among the challenges facing digital nomads include productivity and time management. The authors define freedom as a lack of routine, and suggest that digital nomads must develop new self-discipline practices in order to remain productive and efficient.


Findings from nomadic research on digital nomads show that the transition from one place to another disrupts routines. This disruption is especially true when transitioning from one place to another, and also when settling into a new location. This finding is consistent with previous digital nomad research. While some informants were able to kick-start a routine after a day or two, most took longer. Some informants also had difficulty evaluating co-working spaces and establishing routines.

Fieldwork was conducted with sixteen informants, with at least three semi-structured interviews conducted with each participant over a period of four years. In addition, participants were observed at four coworking spaces in Thailand, including two in the urban setting of Chiang Mai and two on the islands of Phuket. These coworking spaces tended to attract a greater number of digital nomads than other sites, and their activity was concentrated largely around these coworking spaces.