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Fortune Telling Harry Potter

Fortune Telling in the Harry Potter Universe

In the Harry Potter universe, fortune telling is an integral part of the storyline. Whether you’re a die-hard Potterhead or a first-timer, there’s no shortage of fun ways to spend your free time. You can play fortune telling games by yourself, or with a partner. The basic concept is the same: take a card with the question of your life and use it to determine your future.

In the Harry Potter universe, many wizards shun divination, describing it as “impractical” and “false.” Professor McGonagall, meanwhile, considers divination one of the “worst branches of magic”. Although Professor Trelawney is the only major human subscriber to divination in the Harry Potter universe, her predictions are often based on arbitrary inferences and her own “Inner Eye”.

Although the effectiveness of divination is debatable, it has been widely practiced in the Muggle world. Professor Trelawney teaches divination at Hogwarts and is an excellent foil to more competent teachers. In the Harry Potter series, fortune telling often involves gazing into crystal balls or reading tea leaves.