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Baba Is You Research Facility

Baba is Your Research Facility

If you’re looking for a new game to play, Baba is you’ve come to the right place. This interactive game can be played on a rock, a wall, or in a research facility. You can even create a baba in a research facility!

Create a baba on a rock

You can create a baba on a rock by rearranging the words at the top of the sentence. First, write the words “Baba” and “rock.” Now, place the “rock” on the right side of the sentence. Move the rock up and down two spaces. You should now have “Baba on a rock” in the center of the sentence.

In the game, there are nine standard levels and seven extra ones. You need to finish the nine levels to clear the area. After that, you need to push the rocks into the water and break them. Alternatively, you can move the Baba on the rock into the water to touch the flag.

After you have pushed the rocks into the water, you need to move the fungus on the rock to the right. When you are done, you should see the flag in the lava. You should touch it and then move the rock to the right.

The next step is to align the Baba with the other set of walls. This time, you should also align the Baba with the Flag and Door text. Once you have done this, you can now walk into the door and collect the Flag. This method still works with the latest update, but it does require you to align the DOOR text with the lower Skull.

Create a baba in a research facility

In this level, you must create a phrase by moving the Bolt to the right. When you have the bolt at the right spot, you must move the Robots to push the “Baba” to the left wall and out of vertical alignment. Once this is done, you will have created the phrase.

You can also create a Baba with text. The text will have the words, “Baba is you” on it. You can also push the “Keke” into the right water on top to create a second Baba. Once you have done that, move the Babas so that they are horizontally aligned. A fence corner can also be used to reposition the Babas.

Create a baba on a wall

There are two ways to create a baba on a wall. You can either make him a horizontal line between two individual walls or you can put him vertically. In either case, you should place him 2 spaces above the words “love” and “flag”.

First, you must create a flag on a wall. It should be made of a rock. Then, push it onto the wall. This will push it upwards so you can reach the Baba. Once you’ve done that, you can move on to the next step.

Next, create a word. You can choose “rock”, “flag”, or “baba”. You can also create a phrase that says “rock is not you” or “baba is you.” You can create a different word by using a different shape for each word.

You can also create a baba by placing a rock on the wall. To do this, you need to make the rock vertically. Then, you’ll need to push the rock to the right so that it touches the flag. Afterwards, you’ll need to place the “lonely” rock on top of the skull. Once you’ve done that, you can move the “rock is you” rock to the right.

Next, create the phrase by changing the letters. In the second phrase, you’ll have to change the letter “water” horizontally. Then, you’ll need to push the “cog” into the leftmost skull. After this, you’ll need to push the “flag” up against the left wall. Finally, you’ll need to move the “flag” into the bottom-left corner of the wall so that it’s visible. This will make the phrase look more realistic.