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What Does It Feel Like To Be Fingered

You are not the only one who has never experienced good fingering. The feeling of being fingered can be incredibly refreshing. It’s likely that you haven’t been fingered properly in years. It may be the last time that they were fingered. For some women, this could be the best thing. Fingering a woman is the perfect way to inject new life into the bedroom and relive the thrills of high school.

There’s probably a reason your boyfriend is pointing at you. Men typically like to finger women because they enjoy the sensation. They wouldn’t get upset if you told them to stop, slow down, or asked for lube! It’s a shame that boyfriends feel the need to treat their girlfriends like a receptacle for their own desires.

The act of fingering is a vagina-centric act, involving caressing the clit and vulva. It is a very intimate process that involves gentle circular motions on your clitoris. You may also feel a tapping or beckoning sensation as the partner fingers you. It doesn’t have to feel like you are going 100 mph, but it can feel awkward.

A good fingering experience starts with good lube. The best silicone lube feels best against a woman’s skin. Coconut oil is another good substitute. If you don’t have silicone, spend time kissing the woman first. Once you’ve done that, remove her clothes and trace your fingertips over the fabric. If you do this correctly, the woman will be excited to see you trace your fingertips over the fabric.