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Travel Slp Salary

Travel SLP Salary – Make Over $100,000 As a Travel SLP in 2022

Speech-language pathologists specialize in diagnosing and treating patients with communication, swallowing, articulation, and fluency disorders. These healthcare professionals work in various healthcare environments such as schools, private practice offices, physician’s clinics and hospitals – offering assistance for people facing challenges due to congenital disabilities, head traumas, degenerative conditions such as stroke or even as part of the natural aging process.

As a speech-language pathologist, travel may be an appealing prospect for you. Not only will you gain professional experience across various parts of the country but working as a travel SLP will allow you to earn more money; its average travel slp salary exceeds that of median SLP salaries ($80,480 according to Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Travel SLPs are typically hired on short-term contracts of 13 weeks or less, enabling them to fill staffing shortages at facilities nationwide while often earning higher salaries than permanent employees. Furthermore, this flexible employment allows travel SLPs the freedom of selecting assignments based on location or other considerations important to them.

Travel SLPs must possess several skills to maximize their earnings potential and ensure maximum returns from their endeavors. First and foremost, they should be adept at quickly adapting to new environments efficiently, communicating clearly with patients and team members, and quickly assessing needs before providing customized rehabilitation assistance tailored specifically for every individual patient.

Reaching $100,000 as a travel SLP is possible, though it will require long-term goal planning and extra effort. There are various strategies you can employ to do just that in 2022: moving to an area that pays more, taking on extra PRN work, starting your own business/side hustle or even becoming an executive management-level SLP are just some ways to do it!

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