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How to Obtain a Fortune Egg in FF14

You can use a Fortune Egg to purchase different items. You can also spend your egg on different seasonal event items. The more you have, the more you can buy. For example, you can purchase a Hatching-tide Mobile or an Eggsemplary Basket. However, you can only use these items if you have completed the ‘Hippity Hoppity Happily’ seasonal quest.

In order to trade a Fortune Egg, you must collect nine of them. When you have nine of them, you can use the “Egg Advocate” NPC to exchange the eggs for items. During the Hatching-Tide celebration, you can also get consumable Magicked Prisms. The Hatching-Tide event runs from April 13 until April 27, 2022.

Another way to get more of these is to collect Happy Bunnies in the Central Shoud. These bunnies will appear in the map at certain times. You can capture them by using the Seize action. Once you’ve collected 10 or more of them, you will receive a reward of a Fortune Egg. You can then use your Fortune Eggs to buy an emote for the Egg Enthusiast vendor.

Obtaining a Fortune Egg is very easy in FF14. You must have a level 50 or higher. You can also get a Fortune Egg for free by spending money on items. In order to do this, you must collect enough Fortune Eggs to buy various items. The price for each item is usually based on the amount of Fortune Eggs that you spend.