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Timeless Traveler Terraria

Best Vanity Sets in Terraria

Terraria is an enjoyable sandbox video game that offers plenty of cosmetic items to customize your character. Unlike most games, where vanity sets must be purchased at the store, Terraria’s creators decided to give them away free. This makes obtaining some of the best outfits in the game much simpler – we’ll discuss them in this list!

Timeless Traveler Vanity Set

Terraria’s Timeless Traveler vanity set, added as part of the Journey’s End Vanity Contest, is one of Terraria’s most unique vanity sets. This set consists of the Timeless Traveler Hood, Cloak and Footwear and can only be acquired in corrupted worlds.

Create the ultimate vanity set in Terraria by weaving Silk, Black Dye, Bone and Vertebrae at the Loom. Not only is this set one of the best around, but obtaining it isn’t as hard as you might think!

Karate Tortoise Vanity Set

The Karate Tortoise Set is an awesome vanity set in Terraria that pays homage to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Both male and female variants of this set are identical, allowing you to drastically transform your character’s appearance.

This outfit is only available during the Halloween seasonal event and drops from Goodie Bags with a 5.26% chance of appearing. Doning it transforms you into Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Reaper Vanity Set

The Reaper set is an outstanding Terraria outfit that includes a weapon skin. The robe comes equipped with an impressive scythe, giving you easy access to this deadly weapon at all times.

Crafting this set requires 30 Vertebrae, 20 Silk, 10 Bones and two Black Dye. Unfortunately, these ingredients can only be obtained in a corrupted world or spawned from Crimson.

Unicorn Vanity Set

The unicorn vanity set is a rare and mythical creature in Terraria, but its ingredients are easily obtained. This three-piece set can only be obtained through Goodie Bags dropped by enemies during Halloween seasonal events with an occurrence rate of 5.26%.

This set is perfect to pair with futuristic launchers and guns, or even a Blessed Apple unicorn mount for double the magic!

At the core of Terraria lies a tale of ancient gods and those who worship them. With Lunar and Solar Cultist sets, players can become one of those madmen who wish to summon the Moon Lord.

Terraria Journey’s End will be released on PC tomorrow with the final update, offering players two sets of characters to play with in their favorite mode. They make for an excellent addition to the game and provide players with some new options to explore in classic mode.

At the start of this guide, we mentioned a brief teaser released by Re-Logic. This update will be hitting PC today and includes some cosmetic tweaks as well as non-playable characters (NPCs). While video doesn’t reveal who these NPCs are, we expect they’ll be some of Terraria’s most intriguing characters yet!