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Psychedelic Research Jobs

Psychedelic Research Jobs

Psychedelic research jobs are available in a variety of fields. These include psychedelic psychotherapist, post doctoral research associate, and psychedelic venture fund.

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Psychedelic Research Group is an interdisciplinary research center that has been developing a program for psilocybin therapy. They are looking for a post-doctoral fellow to join their team. The position is likely to be a three-year commitment. The fellow will help to launch new studies and help to launch ongoing research.

This is an interdisciplinary team, bringing together leaders from psychiatry, neuroscience, psychology, and social psychiatry. Their research focuses on the neurological, psychological, and social effects of psilocybin and other psychedelics. They also work closely with leaders from transcultural psychiatry and multicultural cities. Their studies include behavioral and subjective effects of psychedelics, and the therapeutic effects of psilocybin in depression, addiction, and anxiety.

The postdoctoral fellow will work with faculty from the Center for Psychedelic Counseling and Research (CPCR). This will involve conducting research on the subjective effects of psychedelic substances. In addition, they will also work with the faculty on a clinical trial involving psilocybin. The candidate will be mentored by the CPCR faculty.

Psychedelic Guide

Psychedelic Guide research jobs offer a way to help people gain insights and wisdom from their psychedelic experiences. A guide’s expertise can also help people understand their emotions and discover deeper truths.

Psychedelic Guide research jobs are available in a variety of settings. They may be a part of a scientific study, or a group of people who are assisting with a clinical trial.

There is no universal standard for determining the qualifications of a psychedelic guide. Often, the qualifications are developed over years of experience. In some legal settings, a guide may only need a certificate or a few years of experience. In other legal settings, a guide may need a formal education.

Some guides may also act as a facilitator. The facilitator is responsible for creating a safe and comfortable environment for the psychedelic experience. This includes holding space for the client and asking questions.

A strong facilitator can be defined as someone who is aware of the emotional and physical aspects of the psychedelic experience. They also understand ethical boundaries.

Psychedelic Psychotherapist

Psychedelic Psychotherapist research jobs are not limited to a psychedelic clinic. They can be found in the nonprofit or biotech space, or even in rehabilitation centers abroad. Psychedelic psychotherapists work to create a meaningful experience for their patients. They may work with patients prior to taking a psychedelic journey, or work as integration therapists after the psychedelic experience.

The Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Research Certificate Program is a training program for therapist researchers. The program trains therapist researchers to conduct FDA-approved research on psychedelics. The Certificate Program also emphasizes experiential learning and self-reflection. It is available to ordained clergy, licensed mental health and medical professionals, and counseling attorneys. Applicants with substantial experience in pastoral care, mediation, and spiritual direction will be considered strong candidates.

The Certificate Program is a partnership between the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) and the Center for Psychedelic Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago (CIIS). The Certificate Program is designed to meet the growing need for skilled therapist researchers.

Psychedelic Venture Fund

Psychedelics have been associated with underground subcultures and rave culture. However, the past couple of years, more and more tech founders have been scouting the psychedelics sector for investment opportunities. This trend has been fueled by a number of factors, including the recent spike in the number of people suffering from anxiety and depression, as well as the growth of a large addressable market.

These startups are seeking access to capital to bring their medicines to market. If successful, they could disrupt industries that are valued at billions of dollars. These businesses are also set to help patients and the healthcare industry evolve as global needs change. The best companies will be able to access capital through an IPO route.

One company is working on a ketamine derivative to treat depression. Another is looking to create a treatment for traumatic brain injury. Psychedelics are also being developed for the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and chronic pain. These medicines could help address the growing mental health crisis worldwide.