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Oliver Peoples Denison

Oliver Peoples Sunglasses Review

Oliver Peoples is a boutique eyewear brand that is renown for its handcrafted bespoke optical frames. Founded in 1987, the brand’s best efforts are aimed at bringing back the luster of vintage styles by way of a little modernization. The company’s signature designs boast a nod to vintage styles while adding modern touches such as cutting edge machinery and a nod to human touch. Aside from the requisite frames, the brand also offers a line of sunglasses that are available in a range of tortoise shell hues. Regardless of style preference, the company’s top-tier collections are a dependable choice for discerning clients.

For those looking for a more bespoke experience, the company offers a full suite of custom prescription lenses. In addition to their collection of designer frames, the brand is also known for a range of high-end sunglasses made from the finest materials. Among their most popular models are the Denison, Denison II, and Denison Lite. Each pair features thin, polished acetate and is offered in a wide range of sizes. From tiny to extra large, the company’s offerings are sure to please every member of the family.

As a testament to their quality, the company is a longtime partner of Good See Co. For a small fee, the company’s ninjas can fill virtually any prescription, even the most obscure. Among their other perks are complimentary domestic shipping and a full range of accessory kits. To further sweeten the deal, a Mia Burton care kit is included with every purchase.