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People Holding Hands In A Circle

Two People Holding Hands in a Circle

It’s not often that two people hold hands in public, and in fact, holding one’s hands is not a best practice in some circles. One might wonder if this etiquette is a modern day fad, or if we should be taking more measures to curb such inequities. Nonetheless, if we do have to do the unavoidable, we need to find a way to do it that’s both fun and effective. After all, if we can’t have fun, we’re not going to have much of a life, let alone make it in the workplace.

However, there are times when holding hands is the only way to go. The trick is to find out what kind of people you’re dealing with and what their expectations are. That’s where a good old fashioned consult with a few friends comes in handy. This is also where having a plan can pay dividends. For example, if you’re dealing with a jerk who’s more interested in a cheap date than having a conversation, you may want to get rid of that nagging guy before it’s too late. Thankfully, you can do this in a jiffy. And, if you’re the type that likes to have a few laughs, you might be able to work it into your plan.