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I Am The Sun And The Air

I Am the Sun and the Air

The rock song “I Am the Sun and the Air” depicts a man who lives in a dark place. He struggles against the world and lives a life of addictions, and is unable to trust God. The sun is always there to give hope and light. What can he do? The answer is to follow Jesus and follow His example.

“Seasons in the Sun” by Jacques Brel

Seasons in the Sun, a 1963 English-language adaptation of “Le Moribond”, Jacques Brel’s 1961 song is a 1963 film adaptation. Rod McKuen wrote the lyrics of the song, which reveals a man’s final goodbye to his family. The film captures the heartbreak of an elderly man saying goodbye to his family.

“Seasons in the Sun”, originally recorded in French, became a hit in the 1970s. The song’s rewritten version, “Le moribond,” was a farewell for Brel, who was at the time dying from cancer. The song was later covered by Terry Jacks and Westlife. These travesties do not diminish the impact of Brel’s lyrics. His words evoke a powerful image, and he offers a memorable line or two.

Jacques Brel was a member of the music hall l’Olympia in the early ’70s. In 1958, he was a support act at the Olympia. He then headlined the show in 1961-64. There were several Olympia albums, including “Seasons in the Sun”.

Despite its fame, the Jacques Brel production was seen to close to 2,000 performances on Broadway before it was taken to the rest of the world. His modest upbringing may have hampered the show’s longevity despite its international success. Jacques Brel was born 29 May 1929 in Brussels, Belgium. At his Catholic primary school, he struggled with arithmetic.

Jacks’ version of “Seasons in the Sun”

Terry Jacks’ 1974 album Seasons in the Sun was released by Bell Records. The album’s single “Seasons in the Sun” went on to become a worldwide hit, reaching no. 1 in more than 12 countries. “Seasons in the Sun” was a huge success, and Jacks’ version of it became one of his most popular songs.

In 1973, Terry Jacks released a cover of the French chanson “Le moribond,” which had been adapted for the American market by Rod McKuen. The resulting song was Jacks’ breakthrough, reaching the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time. The song reached the top of the charts for three weeks and spent one week on Easy Listening. Jacks’ solo #1 in the United States was reached by the song, which was a huge success in Canada.

Terry Jacks changed the lyrics of “Last Words” to make it more optimistic and upbeat. Jacks found the original lyrics too dark and disturbing, so he wrote them again. Jacks took inspiration from the life of a friend who had leukemia. The cover version shows a dying man delivering his final words to his family and friends. It is dedicated to Jacks.

Rod McKuen translated the lyrics into English in 1963. The Kingston Trio recorded the first English version, called “Le Moribond”, in 1963. This version became a huge hit for Jacks and Westlife, and it reached the top spot on CNN’s Christmas poll in 2006.


I am the sun and air is a French alternative rock group that was formed in 2002 by Jean-Marc Godin and drummer Yves Dunckel. Dunckel and Godin met while they were playing in a Parisian band. Godin was an architecture student at the time. He was part of an earlier group called Orange before joining Air full-time. Godin invited Dunckel to join his group and later invited him as a writer for a compilation called Source. Godin invited Dunckel to join his band full-time after the single’s success.


The narrator in I Am the Sun and the Air tells the story of a man who is moving to the West Coast. He is sad about the loneliness in his life and declares that he is ready to find love. He seems to have found the perfect new relationship, but he doesn’t know if it is mutual. This song reminds us all that we all need a little light and hope.