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Peoples Remedy Oakdale

The People’s Remedy in Oakdale, California

Located at 570 Armstrong Way in Oakdale, California, The People’s Remedy is the latest in a long line of marijuana retailers to open shop in Stanislaus County. Owned by Mark Ponticelli, the establishment is designed to provide customers with the highest quality of cannabis products available in the area. Among its offerings are vape cartridges, topicals and concentrates. The store has an impressive inventory of high lab tested strains. In addition, Adult-use customers can enjoy strain-specific prerolls and kief-infused joints. The store is open seven days a week, and only accepts cash.

The People’s Remedy, in addition to other medical-related activities, has been a longtime supporter of the community. Over the past several years, the business has donated a fair amount of money to local charities and organizations. In fact, the company is currently in the process of opening more than a dozen dispensaries across Stanislaus County. The city of Oakdale has set a limit of two medical marijuana dispensaries. In addition to The People’s Remedy, the city is also home to Left Coast Extracts. In its first six weeks of operation, the company has already garnered the attention of media outlets and a steady stream of eager patients.

The city has approved the formation of a separate company, the Ponticelli Cannabis Company, to manufacture the aforementioned marijuana flower in a 5,000-square-foot building. The company will also be responsible for distributing the stuff to local dispensaries. The company is also in the process of applying for the permits necessary to expand its operations into other cities in the area. The People’s Remedy is the first med-friendly establishment in Oakdale, and is only the latest of many in a long line of marijuana retailers to get the go-ahead. The city has not yet decided whether it will approve the company’s other two ventures, which include the Empire Health and Wellness store in Modesto and a planned location in Turlock. Ultimately, The People’s Remedy is hoping to expand to other towns in Stanislaus County. Until then, they are happy to help their fellow Cannabis users. The best part is, they are a family-run business that gives back to the community at large.