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Stop Going Pee Pee In The Ocean

Ninety-five per cent of human urine is water, with two grams of sodium or chloride per liter. Human urine is less salty than the ocean’s ninety-sixth percent. Human urine also contains small amounts of potassium and chloride, and is far less salty than the ocean. Nevertheless, the fact that pee and ocean water are so similar is disturbing.

The first thing to do if you are tempted to pee in the ocean is to keep your distance from other swimmers. While “it’s OK to pee in the ocean” might sound fine, you should not pee directly on your swimming buddy’s leg. This is because the ocean’s current will cause the blue water to mix with the ocean’s, making it hard to see urine in such shallow pools. It is best to keep your distance and focus on the task at hand while standing in shallow water.

According to Andrew J. Esbaugh, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin’s Marine Science Institute, urine is composed of ninety-five percent water and contains over 3,000 other compounds. These include sodium, chloride and potassium. Despite these properties, some parts of the ocean can still be affected by urine. In tropical climates, urine can harm coral reefs. By releasing nitrogen into the water, it causes algae to grow, which can damage these precious ecosystems.

Many beaches have public toilets where you can get fresh water or pee. Although it may seem embarrassing to pee in the ocean, it is not the most dangerous thing. The ocean is largely water so urine will not be dissolved. Fish actually pee in the ocean all the time. This practice is not socially acceptable but it is harmful to the marine environment.

You should know that the ocean contains more urine than lakes when you pee. Algae blooms can be caused by urine, which can cause fish to die. The chemical content in urine can react negatively with chemicals found in pools, causing irritation and red eyes. Therefore, peeing in the ocean isn’t dangerous but you should be aware of the dangers.

Even though it’s a common childhood prank to go pee in the sea, this is not true. Many marine animals produce large quantities of urine. Some whales can excrete up to 250 gallons of urine each day. Cuttlefish and asparagus are not considered safe as they can cause a foul-smelling stench. The chemicals contained in these foods are responsible for the foul smell in the ocean.