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What Am I Gonna Do Say No

Drake’s “What Ami Gonna Do?” tweet has been a viral sensation on the internet. Not only has he appeared on viral news portals, but he was also involved in the “#inmyfeelingschallenge” where people attempted to jump out of moving cars. Drake is now back in the spotlight, but this time for a different reason. Drake tweeted the famous saying back in 2012, but it has resurfaced as a meme. This tweet has made a huge impact on social media and has generated good laughs. Drake’s tweet has been used to motivate many things, including disobeying your parents, breaking TV licensing laws and avoiding the dreaded haircut.

Drake is synonymous with memes. One of his Hotline Bling videos was made into a gif, and this started the Drake section on internet memes. So, what can you do if you can’t say no to a meme? Drake’s sad boy tweets will always be relatable. If you have a gif of Drake dancing in ‘Hotline Bling’, you can’t just say no.