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Iheartmemphis Net Worth

iHeartMemphis is a very popular YouTube artist with a Net Worth of $11 million. Her hit song “Hit the Quan” was her first hit. It reached the top 65 of the Canadian Hot 100 Chart. The song went on to be viewed over 78,000,000 times on YouTube and viewed over 657K times on Facebook. The song’s success is the main reason iHeartMemphis has a net worth of over $80 million.

The single “Hit the Quan,” from the iLoveMemphis EP, was released in August 2015. The song was produced by Buck Nasty and went viral on the Internet. The rapper revealed how much the song cost during the recording process and released the video. Despite not releasing new music since his debut, iHeartMemphis has accumulated more than 264,000 fans on YouTube.

Cholee Land is a social media star who posts dance videos on TikTok. She has over 1.2 million followers on TikTok and has nearly 15 million fans on OnlyFans. Cholee Land’s TikTok account before was banned due to obscene videos. Richard Maurice Colbert is the real name of the rapper. In addition to making music, IheartMemphis has recorded albums.

IHeartMemphis net Worth: Memphis Bleek has relatively low assets. He earned $6,000 a month in 2016 from his business, with just under $5,000 coming from personal income. Moreover, he had leftover cash of $500 per month after paying bills. However, his bankruptcy filing has led to a series of legal troubles. Despite his net worth of $10 million, the rapper is facing a bankruptcy filing.