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Ryan Garcia Vs Javier Fortuna

Ryan Garcia Vs Javier Fortuna

Ryan Garcia, the undefeated lightweight champion, is headed to Texas to take on Javier Fortuna, two-time world champion. This will be the first fight between these two fighters in each of their weight classes. The bout is scheduled for August 29 at the Alamodome in Houston.

Garcia has an edge in hand speed and incredible reflexes. However, the title holder has more striking power and can mix it up to hurt his opponent. Fortuna’s ring IQ isn’t good enough to overcome Garcia’s.

Garcia should land his jab and keep Fortuna on the outside. Fortuna’s combination will be less effective against Garcia and should be confined to one or two of his powerful right hands. Fortuna hasn’t been stopped since 2012, so he should be vulnerable here.

Fortuna’s aggressive punching style makes him one of Garcia’s most difficult opponents. He’s also an excellent counter puncher. Fortuna’s power is commendable at junior lightweight. Fortuna also won a knockout over Rafael Hernandez in his bounce-back fight against Joseph Diaz.

Garcia is 23 years old and has been on boxing fans’ radar for a long time. He’s also been a rising star in the promotional game. But despite his young age, he lacks the experience of other top fighters. If he does win this fight, it could be a huge commercial event.

If Ryan Garcia wins this fight, it’s likely that he will stop Fortuna early and move on to fight Gervonta “Tank” Davis. This would be a logical move for Garcia, as he is a tough 135-pounder who’s undefeated. Fortuna stated that Garcia is suffering from mental health issues and has decided to withdraw from the fight.

In round six, Ryan Garcia defeated Javier Fortuna by knockout. The fight lasted six rounds and lasted four rounds. Fortuna went down twice in the fight, twice in rounds four and five, and the referee blew his fight off at the 27 second of the sixth round. The 33-year-old Fortuna’s first knockdown was the result of a body shot. Fortuna was eliminated by the referee with a knee in round 6.

Garcia is a dangerous opponent despite his young age. Garcia scores a few jabs and then follows up with body shots. Fortuna tries applying pressure from the ropes to Garcia, but Garcia counters with a body hook.

The opening rounds of Ryan Garcia vs Javier Fortuna featured some exciting action. During the first two rounds, Garcia seemed to have the advantage in the ring. Fortuna was knocked down by Garcia’s right hand and left hook. Fortuna had to work harder to recover from his first knockdown in the second round.

Roach backs Rodriguez into the corner in Round 7. The second round is a dull affair, but the middle rounds featured plenty of action. Both fighters landed their best shots. Roach’s jabs were more consistent and powerful, but Rodriguez’s right hand was more effective.