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Katusa Research Review

If you’re looking for a reliable source of information, Katusa Research is the answer. Their subscription service offers authentic, dynamic information from a team of investment experts. Subscribers receive special reports and interim alerts, which can help them invest in opportunities with the highest chances of making money fast. Subscribers are also able to tap into their own experience and knowledge to make smarter investments.

Marin Katusa is an accomplished investment analyst and founder of Katusa Research. Before launching the firm, he worked as the chief energy investment strategist at Casey Research and was the managing editor of Casey Energy Confidential and Casey Energy Report. Earlier, he was a math teacher, but he left the classroom to pursue his passion for portfolio management in the resource sector. Today, he is interviewed regularly on business news networks and visits hundreds of mining and energy projects around the world.

The Katusa Research team has also created the Katusa Resource Opportunities program, which aids investors in the natural resource markets. Using his extensive knowledge of the precious metals and natural resource markets, Marin Katusa seeks out investment opportunities that provide the most value. These recommendations are designed to build upon existing portfolios and increase the size of an investor’s personal fortune.