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Papa And Fortune

What A Joke With Papa and Fortune is Coming to SiriusXM and Netflix

Today, SiriusXM announced that Netflix and SiriusXM will collaborate to bring a new radio show called “What A Joke With Papa and Fortune.” The new program will be broadcast weekdays during prime driving hours. The first episode is set to air on July 15. It will star Tom Papa and Fortune Feimster, two SiriusXM hosts.

The comedy pilots were written by the duo and both were sold to ABC. Tina Fey produced one of them. They also co-wrote two feature films, BAD COP and FIELD TRIP. Both were acquired by Spielberg’s Amblin Pictures. The latter was a huge hit at the box office.

Fortune hosts a daily Sirius XM radio show called “What A Joke With Papa and Fortune” and she and Jax host a podcast called “Sincere Fortune.” She has also appeared on David Spade’s Comedy Central show Lights Out and as a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Tom Papa is a well-known comedian. His diverse career includes acting, filmwriting, and radio host. His stand-up specials have been featured on Netflix and on the Joe Rogan Experience. He has also appeared on SiriusXM’s “Live From Here” radio show, which features comedy and musical performances. The show was heard by more than two million listeners.

Fortune Feimster is an actor, comedian, and writer. His stand-up specials have been recognized nationally, including on Netflix’s “Sweet & Salty” series and “The Mindy Project” series. He has appeared in numerous television shows and hosted two podcasts.