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What Can Run But Can T Walk

Have you ever wondered what can run but can’t walk? You might be surprised at the answer! It could be a ladder or a race or a chair. For more information, scroll on. It is possible that you may even know what can run but can’t walk! It’s never too late to learn to love a new challenge! Here are some interesting facts about the inanimate objects that can run.

Riddles and puzzles have gone viral in a short time, and these creative ideas for passing time are proving to be a popular choice amongst lockdown victims. These puzzles and riddles can keep your mind active during lockdowns and improve your analytical skills. Plus, they’re fun! Take a look at this fun, simple puzzle to get you through a long wait.

Riddles are often in a sarcastic style, and are intended to elicit a specific meaningful word. This riddle identifies a word with specific characteristics, which is why the answer is water. For example, a river can run, but it can’t walk. It has a head, a mouth, and no feet. It also never sleeps or weeps.