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Fortune Chinese Restaurant

If you’re looking for delicious Chinese food but don’t have time to visit a restaurant in Jersey City, you can order online from Fortune Chinese Restaurant. You can order from their website or app. The app lets you view their full menu and place your order, as well as track the progress of your delivery.

The history of fortune cookies is murky, but it is believed that the modern version was invented by Chinese rebels in the 14th century, when Mongol invaders were taking over China. Another theory is that they were invented by a Taoist priest and his followers, who hid messages in traditional Chinese moon cakes. These moon cakes, known as tsujiura senbei, are made at the shrine in Hyotanyama.

During World War II, fortune cookies were associated with Chinese culture. The Japanese were forced into internment camps at the time, so they had no way of making fortune cookies. As a result, Chinese families took over the Chinese restaurant business and the equipment used to make them. The fortune cookie became synonymous with Chinese culture, and many people associated it with Chinese food in the U.S.