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Peoples Bank Wenatchee

Peoples Bank Wenatchee Financial Center in Wenatchee, Washington

Peoples Bank Wenatchee Financial Center offers full-service banking services in Wenatchee, Washington. It serves Douglas and Chelan Counties and provides business loans, treasury services, personal banking, and more. They also provide mobile banking, which allows customers to manage their bank accounts on the go. The financial center’s main phone number is (888) 732-9999. Among their services, Peoples Bank Wenatchee Financial offers checking, savings, and business accounts. Whether you need to deposit a check, pay a bill, or make a transfer, you can easily do it from your smartphone.

The bank also has an ABA or routing number, which is a nine-digit code that is used to identify a bank or financial institution. Unlike SWIFT codes, which are more complicated and can only be used for wire transfers, a routing number can be used for any type of transactions. For example, a prepaid card, a checking account, or an IRA will all have a different routing number. Often, routing numbers are referred to as ABA numbers or ‘Routing Transit Numbers’.

When M&T Bank acquired Peoples United, a number of customer complaints arose, including confusion about their debit cards. Some people closed their accounts, but others found that the transition went smoothly. Others complained that the banking staff took too long to respond to their calls. However, the bank did acknowledge problems with some customer accounts when it first merged with the company. There were also a few positive comments.

One of these is from Ed Woods, the treasurer of Southwest Vermont Union Elementary School District. He told us that he had to deal with a few problems with his bank accounts, and eventually connected with Lori Terrien, the bank’s government banking manager, in the Burlington office. However, he was on hold for two hours. After a few more phone calls, he was finally able to talk to a customer service representative, who was able to resolve the issue. This is another reason why you should call the bank if you need to speak with a customer service rep.

The Peoples Bank Wenatchee Financial branch is located at Grant Road in East Wenatchee, Washington. They open at 9:00AM and close on Sundays.