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Athena’s Fortune Guide

Athena’s Fortune is a trading company that specializes in pirate legends. This pirate trading company is home to the ghostly Pirate Lord and his crew. Here you will find legendary cosmetics. Once you’ve acquired them, you can sell them to other players for a great price.

Emissaries earn Emissary Value when they sell Treasure. This value increases with the Emissary Flag Grade. When the player is a Grade V Emissary, the Emissary Value doubles! This Emissary Value is like the Player Pirate’s individual scoreboard with the Trading Company.

Your crew’s reputation will increase if you have more Athena’s Treasure. Treasure from your Legendary Voyages can increase your reputation. Reputation can be increased by purchasing treasures from the Athena’s Run of Thieves’ Haven. Additionally, players can earn reputation by completing the Commendations in Athena’s Fortune and by lowering a flag of a higher Emissary Grade. The higher your Emissary Grade is, the more Reputation your crew receives.

The Athena’s Treasures are six new items you can find in the game. These treasures can be sold to the Mysterious Stranger for gold. This will increase your reputation and allow you to earn more gold. If you sell them for a good price, the coveted Athena’s Treasures will fetch a lot of money!