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Cubby’s Travel Plaza

Cubby’s Travel Plaza

Cubby’s is a family-run truck stop with an impressive history that dates back to the mid-nineteenth century. Besides providing standard gas station fare, the company is renowned for its superior customer service and proprietary fleet management software, which helps fuel credit cards. Yet despite this long and successful legacy, Cubby’s remains adaptable – as evidenced by their recent opening of their first supermarket in Fremont, Nebraska.

For a comprehensive list of locations and hours, visit or call (402) 786-5521. The site is updated several times daily with the latest menu items and specials; plus it features an extensive selection of local restaurants and dining spots as well as an onsite car wash and service station for convenience. Whether you’re from around town or visiting from out, there’s sure to be something that suits your needs – make a reservation or ask about current promotions today! Cubby’s Truck Stop is located at 13504 238th St in Greenwood Nebraska 68366.