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Octopath Traveler Side Quests

Octopath Traveler Side Quests

Octopath Traveler offers an abundance of side quests. Not only does it boast an impressive combat system, but it doesn’t feel too hard-core at the start. For new players or those just getting started with Octopath Traveler, these side missions can be an excellent opportunity to assemble your party and maximize the experience.

Deciding On Your Character

Octopath Traveler offers eight characters to play as: Ophilia, Cyrus, Tressa, Olberic, Primrose, Alfyn, H’aanit and Kevin. Each has their own story that unfolds over four chapters; once those chapters are complete you can explore the world further and find other characters to help along your journey.

These side quests usually don’t require much effort from players, but they can be a valuable resource to have in your backlog. For instance, you may be able to unlock new equipment for your party by completing certain side quests.

Completing a side quest requires visiting an NPC and using their path actions to learn what you need. Doing this makes the quest straightforward, plus it gives you a chance of obtaining items for your party without needing to venture outside into the world.

You can do this by visiting Ravus’ Manor in Bolderfall and speaking with Alphas the guard who holds a poem you must learn. Once you possess it, take it back to Flora in Saintsbridge to complete your quest.

Some of the more challenging side quests require more effort, but their rewards can be substantial. You’ll gain access to some amazing items such as durable armor and powerful weapons by completing these challenges.

There are also a few less-demanding side quests that will grant your party some XP, which comes in handy later on in the game. Leveling up faster and facing off against stronger opponents will not only enable you to level up faster but also give more experience points for later levels of battle.

In addition to these smaller side quests, there are some larger ones you can complete. The biggest one of all is called “At Journey’s End,” a post-game dungeon which allows access to new areas in Orsterra. Although challenging, this dungeon contains challenging bosses as well as plenty of information about the world and backstory.

Octopath Traveler’s combat system is one of its greatest assets, offering players complete freedom to craft strategies and customize the game’s mechanics. While this may feel overwhelming at first, if you stay committed and don’t let it detract from your enjoyment of the experience, you’ll soon find yourself engaging in some incredibly satisfying battles that will surely have you coming back for more!