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Travel Agent In Ketchikan Ak Mary

Travel Agent in Ketchikan, Alaska

Travel agents are local experts who will customize your vacation to include all of your desired elements, from top destinations and must-do activities, to accommodations and transportation. Based on your trip duration and desired activity level, they take away the stress from planning so you can sit back, relax and take pleasure in every moment.

Ketchikan, Alaska’s southern tip of the Inside Passage is known as “First City,” as it often serves as a port-of-call for cruise ship passengers on their journey north. But this charming town also provides ample opportunities for land travelers to take in Alaska’s stunning scenery and diverse wildlife.

Ketchikan Creek and its surrounds of Sitka spruce provide an unrivaled setting for travelers. Despite its small size, Ketchikan offers plenty of outdoor activities like kayaking or canoeing in nearby Misty Fjords National Monument or fishing charters off Reel Island’s shores.

Ketchikan’s Totem Heritage Center is one of the city’s top attractions, boasting a collection of totem poles from 19th century Tlingit and Haida villages. Just a short walk away from downtown, this museum provides an educational experience that gives an understanding of Alaska’s history and culture through its collection.

If you are visiting Ketchikan, consider booking an excursion to Misty Fjords National Monument. This 3,570 square mile wilderness features sea cliffs and steep fjords, making it the perfect spot for spotting otters, bears and whales. Several tour boats and small airplanes offer visits to this monument.

For a more leisurely exploration of Ketchikan’s historic district, take a walking tour. This two-mile trek includes 25 points of interest and provides an interesting insight into the region’s vibrant past.

While strolling this route, you’ll pass many historic buildings, statues and some of Ketchikan’s iconic totem poles. Additionally, you can visit the Tongass Historical Museum for Alaska Native artwork, photos and artifacts related to Ketchikan’s industries over time.

In addition to helping plan your trip, a travel agent can arrange various services like tours, transportation, lodging and dining. Some of these can be included as part of a package with the cruise line while others are more personalized in nature.

Travel agents face a unique challenge when booking trips: creating the ideal itinerary for their clients. When this occurs, they must be able to adjust quickly and make necessary changes as required. Successful agents excel at this by working closely with their customers and paying close attention to what is requested.

Travel agents offer the perfect solution to find the perfect itinerary and budget that meets your needs. They’ll even help plan a cruise that fits within your budget so that you can experience all that your heart desires.