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You Re All I Think About These Days

You’re All I Think About These Days by Patty Loveless

Patty Loveless’ song “You’re all I think about these days” is called. I love this song, and you will too! But I’m sorry to say that I’m not an author, and I don’t own it. I am simply providing the lyrics for your personal enjoyment. You must respect the intellectual property rights of the artists and authors by not using them commercially. While you are allowed to re-use lyrics for non-commercial purposes and distribute them, it is not permitted to copy or distribute them.

Patty Loveless’s song “When Fallen Angels Fly”

Patty Loveless’ “When Fallen Angels Fly” is a classic country song. The album’s title track reached no. 8 on the U.S. Top Country Albums Chart and was certified platinum with more than one million copies sold. It’s important to note that the album wasn’t released by the country music icon.

Loveless was no stranger to controversy. Although her first album, 1989’s The Road was not well-received, her second, When Fallen Angels Fly made her a star. It reached the top of the Country Music Association charts and won her the award for Album of the Year. It’s also the second best-selling country album by a woman, only behind Loretta Lynn’s ‘Fly’.

As a singer, Loveless channels a lot of old-time sounds, from fiddle to steel guitar. Her voice is full of kindness and compassion. The songs are both heart-breaking and hopeful. The album is an excellent example of the genre’s revival. Loveless’s song ‘When Fallen Angels Fly’ becomes an essential listen. You’ll probably want to buy it right away.

“When Fallen Angels fly” is a beautiful tune with a very positive vibe. This song makes you want live. Patty Loveless was a woman, and she understood this. Her songs evoke a strong feminist feel. Anyone looking for the right kind or salvation should listen to When Fallen Angels fly.

Patty Loveless’s song “You’re all I think about these days”

Patty Loveless’ hit song “You’re All That I Think About These Days” is by the American country singer. Loveless was signed to Epic Records by the singer in 1990. Earlier in her career, she’d struggled with voice problems. By 1992, a physician noticed a red spot on her vocal cords. She was soon on cortisone and steroid tablets. The song’s lyrics have now become an iconic country classic.

Patty Loveless was born January 4, 1957 in Louisville, Kentucky. She was the sixth child and distant cousin of legendary country singer Loretta Lynn. Her father was a coal miner. Country music was a part of her soul from a young age. Her family moved to Nashville in 1969, and she grew up singing covers of country and blues in local bars.

Ramey and Loveless started their careers together singing country music in the mid-1970s. She was a published artist with Sure-Fire music and her brothers were a well-known act on local radio. Ramey began touring the United States after her first hit song was released. The brothers performed with other country stars, such as Bill Anderson and Connie Smith, when they weren’t on tour. Patty was able to attend rehearsals when the band went on tour.