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Fortune Auto Coil Overs

Fortune Auto Coilovers

If you’re in the market for new coilovers for your car, Fortune Auto can help. Their coilover architecture allows for quick upgrades and easy installation. They offer 510 Series, Dreadnought PRO 2-Ways, and 3-Way coilovers. Each coilover is equipped with brand-new pistons, Amsoil synthetic shock fluid, and an assembly certificate.

The company’s engineers are dedicated to designing suspension parts that offer optimum performance, at an affordable price. Each product in the Fortune Auto coilover lineup is hand-built to ensure that the best quality is achieved. These suspensions also feature aluminum components that optimize weight savings without sacrificing integrity. The Generation 7 series coilovers incorporate aluminum pillowball housings in a bow-tie style design, which adds to their lightweight nature.

Fortune Auto Coilovers are hand-built in the USA. Custom-built coilovers may require a four to eight-week lead time. Depending on the model, some coilovers may take longer to produce. The coilovers are designed in the USA, and are modular and rebuildable if required. The Fortune Auto 500 Series damper is part of the Generation 8 series and is designed for performance and comfort. The damper features a High Flow Digressive Piston that provides maximum comfort and performance.

Aside from a high level of quality and performance, Fortune Auto offers a wide range of suspension solutions for a wide variety of vehicles. Each unit is hand-built, tested, and quality controlled to ensure optimum performance. The company also offers suspension upgrades and re-valving options, allowing customers to fine-tune the suspension in a way that works best for them.