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Fortune Cookie Origami Money

How to Make Fortune Cookie Origami Money

This simple method will show you how to make fortune cookie origami money. First, you’ll need a fortune cookie. You can either stick a fortune on the cookie or hide it inside. A piece of paper measuring approximately four to five inches in size is also needed.

You will also need scrapbooking papers and extra sticky glue dots. To make the circles, trace a C-shape on the back of the paper. Next, use scissors to cut out the circles. Six circles will fit onto a single sheet of paper. Repeat this process until all the circles are used.

After cutting the paper, fold the sides and the center fold of the circle in an opposite direction. Once the paper is folded, the fortune paper will be inserted through the crease. Fold the top and bottom edges. Once this is complete, you’re ready to assemble the fortune cookie.