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Watch Interstellar Free

How to Watch Interstellar Free on Your Computer

Here are some suggestions for how to watch Interstellar on your computer. You can use iTunes to access the movie for free, and you can watch it on the go using your favorite streaming service. Apple’s iTunes store is also a great place to watch movies. Hulu offers a free trial for those who don’t have the budget. You can access a huge library of shows, including Interstellar.

The movie is based upon the science fiction novel of same name, which was written in 2007 by Jonathan Nolan. Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures co-financed the film. Hoyte Van Hoytema shot it in 70mm and 35mm on the planet Alberta. It employs both miniature effects and wide-applied ones. The film is about the future of humanity and its struggle to survive in space.