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Travel Counsellor American Express Salary

Travel Counselor Jobs at American Express

If you’re searching for a remote travel counsellor job, American Express might be your dream employer. As an award-winning member-based credit card company, they prioritize excellent customer service and are always looking to hire remote workers who can deliver high levels of assistance to their members.

As a travel counsellor for American Express, your duties include helping card members plan and organize their travel arrangements; booking hotels, rental cars, and airfare. Furthermore, you’ll provide clients with detailed information about sightseeing spots, weather patterns, local customs and culture so that they can make informed decisions and feel secure about their trip plans.

As a travel counsellor with American Express, the minimum qualifications include previous call center experience and sales or travel expertise. Furthermore, an understanding of Sabre and GDS systems is necessary in order to book flights, hotels, and other services for clients.

As an American Express travel counsellor, you must possess an expertise in travel and a passion for helping others realize their vacation aspirations. Furthermore, American Express values their employees, providing them with numerous benefits and incentives to motivate them to work hard and provide excellent customer service.

As a travel counsellor for American Express, you’ll receive a home office setup complete with dedicated landline and Internet connection for work purposes. Furthermore, you will receive 11 weeks of paid training before being eligible to work full time for the company.

Your clients will require you to sell some services, but the company has established guidelines so that customers have no difficulty making decisions. Furthermore, flexibility with schedule and time management skills are essential.

American Express pays its travel counselors an average annual salary of $54,823, which is 3% above the national median salary for this position. This can be a great starting salary for your career as a travel counsellor with the company; you can expect growth opportunities and increased pay depending on your skill level, years of experience, and location.

If you’re considering a career as a travel counselor for American Express, be aware that the job market for this role is highly competitive and you must be willing to put in hard work in order to earn a decent salary. Furthermore, changing jobs or gaining more education, managing your experience, and networking effectively are all ways you can enhance your prospects in this role.

Working as a travel counselor for American Express offers you the ultimate flexibility – you can work from home! Not only does the company pay competitive salaries, but as an employee position you also gain access to numerous benefits.

If you’re thinking about working as a travel counselor for American Express, use Monster’s Salary Tool to determine how much money is possible in your region. It will also give you an indication of similar positions’ salaries.