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How Long Does It Take To Read 20 Pages

The length of time it takes to read a page can vary from individual to individual. Some people read one page a minute while others take two hours. For example, a five-grade student reading at a speed of 100 wpm can finish a 20-page assignment in ten minutes. It is important to set reasonable reading expectations for all students, and allow enough time for each to finish a book.

There are several levels of reading speed. Slow readers may read at 125 words per hour, while fast readers can read 400 words per minute. It will take approximately twenty minutes to complete 20 pages in either case. Despite the many variations, there is no standard reading speed. An average leisure reading speed is 300 words per minute. What if you have to read 20 pages of a book?

Research has shown that reading can reduce stress levels and improve your ability solve problems. But too much reading can actually kill your brain. If you don’t read deeply and thoroughly, it won’t provide any benefits for your brain. On average, a fifth grader can read up to twenty-five pages in thirty minutes. You can read a book for up to two hours per day. This will allow you to finish a novel, or nonfiction book.

The type of reading material and the task will determine how long it takes to read a page. A storyline that is easy to follow will take less time than a technical manual. A book for pleasure takes less time than one that is meant for learning. The brain processes these different reading scenarios differently. Ultimately, your reading speed will vary according to your reading habits. When you feel you are a slow reader, you can set a goal that you want to achieve. If you’re reading for leisure, aim to read at least twenty pages a day.