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Loki Time Travel Fix It Fanfiction

5 Loki Time Travel Fix It Fanfiction Stories to Work Through the Emotions of Avengers: Endgame

After watching Avengers: Endgame, many fans have turned back to Marvel fanfictions for help in processing what happened. There are plenty of fantastic loki time travel fix it fanfiction stories available that can help people work through all their emotions – romantic fics to h/c works are available; explore all your options now!

Here are five great Loki fanfictions worth your consideration:

1. Frigga’s Gamble by STARSdidathing This fanfiction contains all the classic shipping tropes: enemies-to-friends, fake dating scenario, mutual pining and much more. Additionally, this piece is quite humorous as both characters mock each other mercilessly without taking anything personally; ultimately their differences were settled and they became best buddies; though there’s still some slight tension between them.

2. It Only Works Once by cosmic_medusa

This story by cosmic_medusa offers more character exploration than fix-it fic, yet still provides great entertainment value. It explores what would have happened had Thor been able to kill Thanos and retrieve the Time Stone prior to Thanos’ coronation; providing an interesting take on what might have been and the possible changes to Infinity War events as a result.

3. The Grandmaster Is Not a Good Guy by the_mrdarkness_of_the_stars This story by the_mrdarkness_of_the_stars is an engaging Thor fic that features many of its trademark elements. It explores what would happen if Grandmaster had been more likeable and more appealing towards Thor, something I find fascinating; additionally, this piece also explores what effect that change might have had on timeline itself – an extremely cool concept!

4. The King’s Quest by Mr Darkness of the Stars This title tells it all; this story explores what would have happened if Thor had always been good, without trying to stop his brother’s coronation ceremony from going ahead. It’s an innovative idea and superbly executed!

5. Bring Me Home by doubletan is an endgame fix-it that explores what might have happened if Loki managed to return the Tesseract back to Asgard before it was destroyed in Infinity War. It’s an emotional tale about what might have been, and how it might have affected everyone going forward – definitely worth reading!