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Little People Books

Little People, Big Dreams

Little People, Big Dreams is a series of books designed to inspire kids. This book series focuses on the lives of people who have impacted our world. It contains inspirational stories of individuals who were leaders in their field, as well as lesser-known pioneers. The books are written in a conversational style that allows children to enjoy the content. They are also available in different formats, including board books, hardbacks, and eBooks. There are even gift sets, which can be curated by theme.

Little People, Big Dreams has a number of titles in its series, with each book featuring a variety of pioneers. These include Mindy Kaling, Elton John, Frida Kahlo, and Jane Goodall, among others. In addition to the main characters, the series introduces young readers to trailblazers and inspiring figures in science, music, politics, and design. For a fun and creative way to learn about these inspiring individuals, you can buy the accompanying activity and coloring books.

This Little People, Big Dreams activity book is the perfect gift for young children. It features matching games, dot-to-dot puzzles, and stickers, along with activities and learning cards. Besides learning about the lives of notable individuals, this book also helps improve children’s recognition and memory skills.

One of the most popular Little People, Big Dreams books is Emmeline Pankhurst. This suffragist is known around the world for her work fighting for women’s rights. Her life story is fascinating. She was a leader in the movement and spent her life trying to change the law to allow women to vote.

A little-known fact about this book is that its illustrator, Zhang Xinxin, was inspired to write a graphic novel after reading an article about her in the New York Times. As a result, she threw herself into the process.

Another little-known fact about this book is that the author, Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara, was born in Barcelona, Spain. In addition to being a writer and creative director, she has worked at several top advertising agencies for fifteen years. She has produced many other acclaimed works of art, such as a film called A Beautiful World, as well as a music album.

This book is a great gift for a little one who likes to explore new things. It features beautiful illustrations and direct text. You’ll also enjoy the matching game and colouring book. Plus, you’ll get to see a nifty abridged version of the person’s life story.

Like many of the best Little People, Big Dreams books, this one has received plenty of praise. In fact, the series has sold millions of copies across the globe. It has also been translated into 20 languages. Since its release, it has been recognized as the best children’s biography book series of all time. Moreover, the company behind this series, Epic, is one of the most popular digital libraries for children 12 and under. That means you’ll be able to purchase more than 40,000 books from around the world.