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Fortune Skateboards

Fortune Skateboards and Brett Conti

Brett Conti, a social media influencer and the founder of Fortune Skateboards, has been in the skate and streetwear industry for several years. He started his business after tearing a ligament in his leg in college. Before starting his company, Conti began to create clothing and selling them around campus.

Conti’s love of skateboarding began when he was only fifteen years old. After gaining experience in skateboarding, he met fellow skaters Dave Bachinsky and Felix Arguelles and began riding with them. Later, he would go on to work for Ammo Skateboards and also did some skateboarding for Echo Clothing.

The Wheels of Fortune is a global skateboarding gathering that highlights the best womxn in the industry. This event is hosted by Skate Like A Girl and features many professional competitors from around the world. It is the longest running skateboarding festival in the world and has something for everyone. From beginners to pros, this event is the place to see the best in the sport.