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Does Ayaka Love The Traveler

Does Ayaka Love the Traveler?

Does Ayaka Love the Traveler

As princess of the Kamisato Clan, Ayaka is often faced with a variety of responsibilities that can be taxing to manage. Her duties range from overseeing internal clan matters to dealing with challenging nobles – tasks which often prove draining and time-consuming for Ayaka who still manages to maintain her dignity and grace throughout it all.

Ayaka has become a beloved figure within Inazuma city, even amongst those not related to her family. This has generated much discussion and admiration for her.

Her status as princess has earned many in the city a deep-seated admiration, but that doesn’t guarantee universal love for her.

She has many admirers around the world who not only admire her appearance, but actually love her as a person and personality. Some may even believe Ayaka would make an ideal partner or friend.

The traveler is one of Ayaka’s closest friends and supporters. They are kind, helpful, and treat her with great respect. Furthermore, they possess an attractive aesthetic.

They seem to possess an understanding of romance and can make Ayaka feel like a princess while travelling around the world, especially when they perform a dance for her.

On Ayaka’s first birthday, the traveler performed a dance for her! She was delighted and it cemented how much she loves them.

She often asks them for a ride in their glider as an expression of appreciation and gratitude, but she also thinks it would be fun to go on dates with them, especially if they have extensive artistic experience.

Childe is another admiring fan who shows a great deal of interest in the travelers. She can often be found sitting by the side of the road watching them while they travel, and will often invite them to hang out when they return home.

Some fans even believe she has a crush on the traveler! Some even speculate that she performs for them and attends festivals with them.

She is a kind and affectionate girl. She shows her feelings towards the traveler by providing them with special dishes on their first birthday!

Though she is uncertain why, she believes it may be due to their adorableness. Additionally, she considers them a blessing because they help her out with so many things!

Ayaka is a deeply romantic and sentimental person, so she often holds memories close to her heart. This could explain why Ayaka finds so much joy in traveling; they take her away from everyday life and allow her to relive being a princess once more!