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Fisher Price Adventure People

Fisher Price Helicopter Submarine Review

During the mid to late 1970s, Fisher Price churned out over a dozen sets that were a hoot to play with. Their bafflingly complex lineup was a mix of vehicles and figures that made the best use of their proprietary 3.75 inch tall by 3.2 ounce, plastic molds. One of the more interesting sets was the Helicopter Submarine. It included a squid, a motor cross bike and a parachute to boot. It’s not hard to see why this set is a perennial favorite of the aforementioned young whippersnappers.

During the 1980s, Fisher-Price produced a plethora of toys and games that spanned the gamut. The company’s Adventure People line of toys was a hit with both kids and parents. These kits were the epitome of cool, and while some may have been a bit overpriced, the quality and value was worth the hefty price tag. The best part of the deal was that you could customize each of the vehicles to your own specifications, making each of the toys an extension of your own inner child. In the ensuing years, the line spawned a plethora of offspring. Many of them continue to live on, making this a great time to check out this old school toy line.

Although it’s not quite as impressive as its more modern counterpart, the Opticon, is the toy to own if you’re a fan of the 1980s. While the Opticon’s oversized torso might be a little much for your child, you can still get your paws on a few of these little nuggets. The best part is that these toys are virtually indestructible, and they’re a blast to play with. This is all thanks to the patented Opticon technology. Despite the high production cost, a few lucky owners can look forward to a lifetime of family fun.

While not as innovative as the Opticon, the Fisher-Price Helicopter Submarine is a worthwhile buy for any family looking to have a little fun in the sun.