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Harry Potter Time Travel Fanfiction Slash

Harry Potter Time Travel Fanfiction Slash

Harry Potter has inspired an incredible fan fiction community. There are an overwhelming variety of stories exploring Harry and his relationships with friends, teachers and family in various environments and times periods.

Founders In some of these fics, Harry’s parents never died or even existed at all and he lived a happy life alongside his siblings. Other stories take place during Voldemort’s war or during Harry’s time at Hogwarts.

Life with his Aunt and Uncle Dursley had an impactful effect on Harry, yet many fanfics explore what might have happened had he instead been sent to live with Severus Snape instead of them. These versions show how Harry and Snape may have developed closer ties as parents/child relationships as they learn to love one another in new ways.

Tom Riddle

This series of fics explores what happens when Harry travels back through time to meet Tom Riddle before he enters Hogwarts as a student, complete with plenty of action and surprises that are sure to keep readers enthralled!

For Harry Potter fanfiction slash fans who prefer darker and broodier stories, this story may be perfect! The author creates a richly developed character in Harry who’s moodier and their relationship with Snape more intense than many are used to.

This story takes an unusual approach to Harry Potter fanfiction by exploring what would have happened had Harry fallen for Albus Dumbledore while still an academic at Hogwarts. The author beautifully captures how this would have changed Harry’s life, including any new personalities which might have formed as a result.

Tom and Harry are students at Hogwarts, but each remember the past differently. Tom recalls it from an alternative timeline 50 years ahead from what we know and love as part of their lives at Hogwarts.

As soon as they return to their own time, the author does a fantastic job at showing how their characters have evolved since. Working together to solve their differences makes for a gripping, riveting read.

Harry is struggling to cope with becoming Dumbledore’s student and adjusting to life in Slytherin house. Despite his best efforts, however, Harry finds it hard to adjust.

He finds himself being teased and bullied by some of his peers, yet cannot escape their abuse. So sickened is he by this that he decides to try and change things by taking steps of his own.

Harry’s Parents Were Killed by Voldemort

Harry witnessed both of his parents being murdered by Voldemort when he was still young, though at first it seemed that it may have been caused by him joining with certain groups that weren’t safe. Now as an adult he wonders whether maybe their death may have been his own fault for falling in with certain crowds that made life too dangerous for his parents to survive.