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Lighted Travel Mirror

Getting Ready on the Go With a Lighted Travel Mirror

A lighted travel mirror can make getting ready on the go a breeze. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, having access to this type of makeup mirror in any environment – especially low-light hotel rooms and Airbnbs – will help ensure that you look your best.

What to Consider:

For your first lighted travel mirror, opt for one that’s small enough to fit into a carry-on bag. The smallest models usually weigh less than 1 pound and come in multiple sizes.

Before purchasing a travel mirror, be sure to verify whether or not it can be recharged. Some lighted mirrors operate off battery while others require power from your smartphone. If unsure which type to purchase, look for one with a USB port so you can charge it while on-the-go.


When selecting a lighted travel mirror, magnification is an essential factor to consider as it allows you to see more details during makeup application. With up to 15x magnification available on certain mirrors, these can be ideal for fine details like eyebrow grooming and false eyelashes.

Another essential consideration is brightness, as a good travel mirror should illuminate the entire area you’re working on. It should have LED lights that are dimmable so you can use it in any lighting condition.

When looking for a mirror to suit your needs, you may want to consider one with a touchscreen. With this type of device, you can easily adjust the lighting and magnification levels with ease. Some even come equipped with built-in speakers so you can play music while applying makeup!


A good lighted travel mirror should be durable, designed for use in challenging conditions. Avoid packing it into your checked luggage where it could crack or break, so always look for a model made of materials intended for rough usage with at least a clamshell case to protect the reflective surface from damage.


When shopping for a lighted travel mirror, make sure it’s of high-quality and built to last through years of trips. The ideal lighted travel mirrors are made with thick glass that resists scratches and knocks.

Some models feature a storage compartment for hair and makeup products, making them convenient to transport. Some even come with a stand to help position the mirror for optimal visibility.

Why We Love It:

For a sleek, lighted makeup mirror that can be used in any setting, this compact option is your ideal solution. It folds up iPad-style with LED lights which are dimmable and adjustable. Plus, it comes equipped with a detachable 10x magnifying mirror so you can zoom in close on your eyes or face for tweezing or other finer details.

Traveling with this device is a breeze, as you can fold it up and store it away in your bag when not in use, saving space. Plus, charging with a micro-USB cable makes staying connected easy while on-the-go an option!