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Is Of Use To Crossword Clue

This week’s crossword puzzle features an answer for the clue “Is of use to”. This answer is common, as it’s been found 9 times so far. Here are some related clues to help you figure out the solution. This answer is not a synonym for “of use to,” but it does help you understand the meaning of the word. Then, you can use the clue to create your own.

There are several types of cryptic crossword puzzles. The Daily Telegraph, The Washington Post, and The Times have all run cryptic crosswords. Some of them were published by XWord Info, and you can also find them at the OED Online. The OED Online recently published a definition for “crossword.” There’s also a piece of information available at the Oxford University Press’ XWord Info site.

The answer to the crossword clue can be found in the ‘be of use’ section of the website. To find the answer to this clue, you can refer to the answer’s’subsidiary’ indicator. This is a part of the clue that offers an alternate solution. It could be a street name or a street address. To solve a puzzle using this information, you must find the right words.

You can use a subsidiary indicator when solving a crossword. A subordinate indicator is a part of the clue that gives you a different answer. Sometimes the street name is the only hint. If you don’t find an appropriate word for the clue, try looking for a synonym. Then, use the substituted answer to solve the puzzle. If you’re unable to find the answer, you can always check out a dictionary for the word “be of use”.

A secondary indicator is a part of a crossword clue that gives an alternate solution. This means that if the answer to a crossword clue is ‘of service’, it will be of interest to the public. For example, a street name may be a synonym for ‘useful’. So, it’s possible to find a synonym for ‘be of use to’ by using the sentence ‘ofuse’ suffix.

Besides being a synonym for ‘useful,’ a crossword clue may also indicate an abbreviation, foreign language, or a word trick. For example, SEN might be a member of Congress, and an alternative answer to SEN might be ‘cong.’ Likewise, a “Cong.’ would be a term for a street. This is an example of a’subordinate indicator’.

An example of an ‘unusual’ clue is ‘nice’ in French. The first letter in the phrase is capitalized in American-style crosswords, so that “nice” is not understood. The same logic applies to the ‘pay addition’ clue, where BONUS is used instead of OLA. In this case, the answer is ‘PAYOLA’. Then, the words should be entered in the correct order.

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