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What To Do If Your Retainer Doesn T Fit

If your retainer doesn’t fit, what to do next? Your orthodontist should be contacted immediately if your retainer is loose. If you don’t, your retainer could cause more movement of your teeth, and you may even need orthodontic treatment again. Try to fit the retainer correctly by gently placing it in your mouth. However, if the retainer doesn’t fit properly, you should call your orthodontist and get it adjusted or prescribed a new one.

Your teeth’s retention force could be reduced if your retainer is damaged or loose. Luckily, the problem is not life-threatening and can be easily solved. Just visit your orthodontist to have them make a new one for you. If the problem persists, you should wear your retainer according to your orthodontist’s instructions. If the problem is affecting your self-esteem, consider scheduling an appointment with a local orthodontic office.

Retainer problems are most often caused by not wearing the appliance correctly. Patients who wear retainers for only a few hours a day can cause their teeth to shift. The retainer can also become damaged. If your retainer isn’t fitting correctly, you should wear it full-time until your teeth realign. This will also give your teeth the time they need to heal and get back into shape.

If you’re not wearing your retainer for a few days, you might experience pain and discomfort from it. You might want to reduce the time it is worn at night. You can also try to make your retainer fit by reducing its size. Eventually, you’ll feel more comfortable with it and be able to stop wearing it at night. It may become looser fitting after you have stopped wearing it.

A retainer is necessary to maintain your corrected smile. However, it can cause problems. Even if your braces are perfect, it can be difficult to wear the retainer all the time. It can also cause discomfort. Your dentist will give you new retainers or recommend a different solution. Your orthodontist will determine whether you need a new one to achieve the desired results.

You should not drop your retainer or engage in any sport while wearing it. These activities may damage the plastic and cause it to lose its shape. Avoid wearing a retainer when playing sports, and make sure to take it out before you play. Avoid exposure to heat and direct sunlight, as these conditions can warp and break the plastic. Keep your retainer in a case when not in use.

If your retainer is loose, you should still wear it as directed by your orthodontist. You may feel uncomfortable or sore after the first night, but after a few nights you will realize that the retainer is not too tight. Your teeth will gradually move into their desired position under the guidance of the retainer. If you are having trouble fitting the retainer, consult your orthodontist.